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The Mt Druitt Medical Practitioners Association was established in 1990, as an Association of local doctors, with the aim of supporting local doctors to provide better healthcare to the community and improve the health of the local community.  In 2018, the constitution was amended to allow any registered health professional practicing in the local region to be admitted as a member.

The prime objectives of the Association are :

  1. Improving Healthcare provision 
  2. Professional Development and Education
  3. Health Advocacy
  4.  Collegiality
In order to pursue its objectives, the Association regularly organises events and engages in scheduled activities, such as :

  • Monthly General Clinical Education Meetings
  • Health Practice Improvement meetings
  • Regular meetings with other health bodies and associations
  • Meetings with reprentatives from all levels of government
  • Co- founding, planning and co-developing the innovative Peer led lifestyle education program for secondary school students - SALSA (Students as Lifestyle Activists)

Past activites of the association include

  • Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Days  
  • Diabetes Awareness Days 
  •  Liason with Local Community Health Groups 
  •  Meetings with local members of parliament 
  • Representation to Federal Parliament 
  •  Formal Presentations to Federal Senate on Medicare 
  • Bursary for Students completing Year 12 in a local high school and going on to study a health related course in a university.
  • Educational Weekends on Improving the delivery of primary care services 

About UsAbout Us

The Association has a history of active involvement in projects and services to improve health and healthcare services in the local region

General Practice Pharmacist

The Association has been a key partner in developing the role of the non Dispensing Pharmacist in General Practice

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Students As LifeStyle Activists (SALSA) is a peer-led leadership program designed to motivate students to increase physical activity and improve diet. It empowers students to become leaders and make better choices for their health. SALSA improves student communication and leadership skills, preparing them for the future.

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Partnership with Western Sydney Primary Health Network

The Association has closely partnered with the Western Sydney Primary Health Network in improving the delivery of primary health care through collaboration, integration of services and training

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Western Sydney Diabetes

General Practitioners are working together with the WSD team to improve the care of patients living with Diabetes in Western Sydney. GP's can apply for 6 month VMO positions to work in the clinic. Education events are provided by WSD

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Quality Improvement

The Mount Druitt Medical Practitioners Association is committed to quality improvement in general practice.

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Healthy Environment, Healthy People

MDMPA is working to support schools with grants for chilled water coolers to reduce plastic waste and encourage reduced consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.

The Primary Care System of the Future – Making it Happen Here and Now - Fairmont Resort, Leura - 2-3 April 2022

The Association Annual Conference is on again!

This year's theme follows on from the previous 2 conferences, where we discussed the challenges to system transformation. The 2022 conference will focus on the business of bridging the gaps to what is needed to design and implement the future of primary health care, with the support of a Neightbourhood Health Hub.

Speakers Include :

Ray Messom, CEO WentWest
Dr Di O’Halloran, Chair WentWest
Dr Kean-Seng Lim, President Mt Druitt Medical Practitioner’s Association, Immediate Past President AMA NSW
Dr Hani Bittar, Vice President Mt Druitt Medical Practitioners Association
Denise Pintado, Transition Manager, WentWest
Edweana Wenkart, CEO PEN CS

To book a place, go to the EVENTS page on this website. Or Register for the event here.

Day 1, Saturday 2 April 2022

Opening 1.00 pm - Opening remarks from the convener.
  • Setting the scene
  • Purpose of the weekend, the third in a series of future primary care initiatives
  • Designing the primary healthcare system of the future
Setting the scene 1.20 pm
Presentation - Setting the scene of the macro, meso and micro environment, from the perspective of the primary stakeholders
  • The macro environment
  • Consumer perspective
  • Provider perspective
The System of the Future. 2.00 pm
Introductory talk and whole group discussion -
  • What would the future look like,  What would be some of the core principles.  Could you paint a picture of it.
  • Answer the question “What would the ideal healthcare system look like”
Gaps and needs 3.00 pm
Introductory statements from speakers then small group table breakouts to respond from the perspective of each group.  Each group will look at
  • Consumers
  • Providers
  • System
Answer the question “This is why we can’t have nice things”

Solutions. 4.00 pm
Introductory Statements from speakers then small group breakouts

Blue sky discussion to evaluate solutions from the perspective of each stakeholder group. What would the future look like. Look at enabling solutions such as enhanced use of technology, patient portals or apps, linked data sets, alternative funding options
  • Consumers
  • Providers
  • System
Answer the question “This is what we need to have nice things”

Dinner at 7.00
Presentation by Edweana Wenkart on "The Utility and Governance of Data"

Day 2, Sunday 3 April 2022 - Introduction and Recap by conveNor 9.00 am
Summary of discussions and breakouts from day 1 on each theme
  • What would the ideal system of the future look like
  • Why we can’t have nice things
  • How can we have nice things
MACIPA Example

We have a very real opportunity to shape the future and build the ideal system with the Neighbourhood Health Hub and strategic partnerships. Today is about co designing the framework to make that happen.

Imagining the Future of Primary Healthcare  9.20 am 
Introductory talk then whole group discussion using points from yesterday

Using what we have discussed from yesterday, to paint a picture of system of the future. Connected,, Coordinated, patient centred, team based care
  • Paint a picture of the primary care practice of the future
  • Paint a picture of the primary care system of the future

The Neighbourhood Health Hub 10.00 am

Introductory talk then small group breakouts

What is the NHH, How can this support better primary care, What opportunities does this give us
Break out sessions on framework for NHH operations
  • What does the NHH do
  • How can it support practices and practitioners

Summary of Weekend 12.00 pm
  • Closing comments from speakers
  • Next steps
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Covid 19 & Influenza – An Update

MDMPA presents: "Covid 19 & Influenza – An Update" Speaker: Dr James Newcombe Kindly sponsored by : Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology Please RSVP by 23/6/2022 Thanks Venue: Calli’s Grill 22 Rooty Hill Rd South, Rooty Hill NSW 2766 Ph: 0478 916 336

  • Date: 24/06/2022 12:30 PM - 24/06/2022 02:30 PM
  • Location: 22 Rooty Hill Rd S, Rooty Hill NSW 2766, Australia (Map)
  • More Info: Calli's Grill Restaurant

Past Events

Broadening your use of GLP-1 in type 2 diabetes - Copy 27 May 202222 Rooty Hill Rd S, Rooty Hill NSW 2766, Australia
Management and Prevention of Osteoporosis in General Practice 29 Apr 202222 Rooty Hill Road South, Rooty Hill NSW, Australia
Mt Druitt Medical Practitioners Association Conference 02 Apr 20221 Sublime Point Road, Leura NSW, Australia
Knee Imaging 25 Mar 202222 Rooty Hill Road South, Rooty Hill NSW, Australia
Covid-19 – A primary care perspective - Copy 25 Feb 202233 Railway Street, Rooty Hill NSW, Australia
Cardiorenal Syndrome- Dr Sanjeeva Herath 28 Jan 202233 Railway Street, Rooty Hill NSW, Australia
MDMPA AGM 2021 26 Nov 202133 Railway Street, Rooty Hill NSW, Australia
MDMPA 30th Anniversary Dinner 28 Aug 2021Crystal Seafood Strathfield
Town Hall Meeting - Ed Husic (Member for Chifley) and Mark Butler (Shadow Health Minister) 05 Aug 2021Online Event

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