Welcome to the New Year

Dear Valued Members,

 Welcome to 2021 and a new year for MDMPA (Mt Druitt Medical Practitioners association)! 2021 Promises to be a great year and importantly is the 30th Anniversary of MDPA as an association. What an achievement! The committee would like to congratulate you all and thank you for your ongoing support. The association is planning for a revitalized year after 2020’s plans were stifled by the COVID-19 pandemic, including: 

  • The return of face to face education meetings on the last Friday of each month.
  • The return of social and collegial events such as MDMPA Christmas Function and the introduction of new events such as an Alumni Dinner
  • Continued planning for a weekend conference for 2022
  • Increased use of social media to communicate with our members and increase our ability to respond to the changing COVID-19 situation.
  • Coming soon the new MDMPA website!

To make sure we can achieve these goals make sure you send your membership form with your email address and contacts up to date so we can communicate with you all. Finally, as a thank you and recognition for your ongoing support the committee has halved the membership fees for 2021.

 Sincerely, MDMPA Management Committee 28/01/2021