The Mt Druitt Medical Practitioners Association was established in 1990, as an Association of local doctors, with the aim of supporting local doctors to provide better healthcare to the community and improve the health of the local community.  In 2018, the constitution was amended to allow any registered health professional practicing in the local region to be admitted as a member.

The prime objectives of the Association are :

  1. Improving Healthcare provision 
  2. Professional Development and Education
  3. Health Advocacy
  4.  Collegiality
In order to pursue its objectives, the Association regularly organises events and engages in scheduled activities, such as :

  • Monthly General Clinical Education Meetings
  • Health Practice Improvement meetings
  • Regular meetings with other health bodies and associations
  • Meetings with reprentatives from all levels of government
  • Co- founding, planning and co-developing the innovative Peer led lifestyle education program for secondary school students - SALSA (Students as Lifestyle Activists)

Past activites of the association include

  • Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Days  
  • Diabetes Awareness Days 
  •  Liason with Local Community Health Groups 
  •  Meetings with local members of parliament 
  • Representation to Federal Parliament 
  •  Formal Presentations to Federal Senate on Medicare 
  • Bursary for Students completing Year 12 in a local high school and going on to study a health related course in a university.
  • Educational Weekends on Improving the delivery of primary care services 

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