General Practice Pharmacist

Pharmacists working in General Practice have been a significant part of the healthcare environment in many countries, with the UK and US being leaders in this field.  The role of Clinical Pharmacists working in a non dispensing role within and supporting General Practice in Australia is an evolving one.  Interdisciplinary collaboration is seen as one of the key elements of improving patient care, provider skills and efficiencies in the health system, which are some of the key foundational principles of the Association.

The Association has been proud to be a key partner in this with practices in Mt Druitt being amongst the first in Australia to test this role.  Starting in Mt Druitt Medical Centre in 2014, with a single pharmacist, the program has now extended across the Western Sydney Primary Health Network region.

The program has been developed in partnership with Wentwest - the Western Sydney Primary Health Network, and Western Sydney Local Hospital District.  In this program, pharmacists are embedded in participating practices where they are able to assist with medications management, post discharge reviews, patient education and follow up and quality improvement.

Learnings from the program have informed the development of the UTS Graduate Pharmacy program certificate in General PRactice pharmacy, with the work by Helen Benson, Kylie Williams, Cherie Lucas and Charlie Benrimoj.

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